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In the Mood solo show 

You have a gift of making people happy. Treasure that if ever you're low as it's very special ~ Margaret, audience member

Doris Day solo show 

The elderly man in the audience forgot all about his age when looking at you: he was gobsmacked. You erase years. How many people can do that - and so well? - Monica

Rotary Club Talk 

On the 14th July, 2016 The Rotary Club of Hamilton held their regular weekly meeting. The varied and interesting programme of after dinner speakers for this session was concluded on a high note by Ms Glynis Wozniak, an actor, dancer and singer. Glynis held the close attention of her audience for every second of her presentation, in which she outlined her childhood days in Aberdeen with her mother who was a devout born-again Christian, whose Ukrainian husband died when Glynis was just a baby. When Glynis was ten years old she announced to her mother that she wanted to be a dancer, to which her mother responded, 'Not the stage. Glynis!' but finally relented and Glynis was allowed to join the Cameron School of Dance until the family moved to England.

Her Rotarian audience listened in silence and rapture to the many anecdotes of her fascinating career as a performer, which she delivered with a mixture of pathos and humour, and from which she drew her “Rules for life for those who wish to pursue a stage career: Never allow self-doubt. You learn more from watching other actors than you do from being on stage. Success does not mean it will bring you instant work. Don't become an actor for the money; do it because nothing else makes your soul sing. Creativity has roots that branch to other avenues.”

The content of Glynis's presentation was interesting and fascinating, but what made her audience respond to the vote of thanks given by Jim Glass with such enthusiasm, was in particular, her personality, humour, articulation and her sheer presence ~ Dr Tom May

What I like about your sparkle, Glynis, is that it isn't a blinding spotlight - you've mastered positivity, realism and activism and that's pretty damn rare! ~ Claire Robertson

Lanes and Doorways Review by Alex Dowdalls 5 stars
Don't think for one minute that Lanes and Doorways by Geez a Break Productions was a one man show by Liam Lambie:  it was far from that. The other three actors, who had the audience captivated throughout, were equally outstanding, as was director Glynis Wozniak, who pulled the whole production together during four months of tireless rehearsals.

In the Mood has been going down really well at the groups with everyone singing Glynis' praises. She is so exuberant that you couldn’t fail to be pleased with her work ~ Joan, Activities Co-ordinator

We had Glynis in today with In the Mood. She is just so fabulous. She had all the residents up and jigging away. I could not fault her work at all! ~ Stephen, Care Worker

A fantastic performance from the whole cast tonight but topped off by the amazng acting ability of Glynis. You really were Anne Smith  and the tears showed how she would have felt back then. The vast majority of the audience were friends of Bill W and they loved it, I  know; I'm a friend of his too. Glynis you've no idea how much this story is so dear to our hearts and you won't ever know how much you  will have helped people through your acting ability over the five days the play is running ~ audience member at Bill W and Dr Bob 

 Such a realistic performance by Glynis Wozniak ~ Suzanne Armstrong, audience member 

 Glynis Wozniak never fails to mesmerise ~ Jon Albert Downie, audience member

 I saw Glynis perform classic Cabaret number, Mein Herr. She was the only act to sing without a microphone and yet her voice was strong  enough to resound throughout the whole venue. Not only was the singing to be merited but the number requires a certain ‘attitude’  and outward sexuality to be delivered as intended and Glynis Wozniak’s natural acting abilitly allowed her to portray just thiis. So real  was her performance that the poor man at one of the tables almost got stung by the riding crop prop. This performance was a true tour de force in fishnets ~ Iain Mckellar audience member

 Glynis is a fantastic person to work with; very encouraging and positive and always so enthusiastic about the job at hand. As an actress  she comes across as confident and fearless, able to tackle both comedy and more serious work with ease. I admire her ambition and  self belief and hope to work with her again in the future ~ Torya Winters, actor

 Glynis is one of the most professional and diligent actors I’ve worked with. Her repertoire and delivery are excellent and she is open to  new challenges. She is simply a delight to have on board ~ Lindalouise Martin, Creative Director, Boyangel Productions

 When Glynis took over the role as Faith, she instantly brought a new buzz and animation to the piece. I wish that I had had her in the  role from the start. During the break, she coached the other two actresses on movement and almost single-handedly kept the energy  levels high ~ Sophie McCook, Writer, The Three Graces

 I was blown away by your performance in The Crucible. You portrayed her character with such raw tenderness and emotional sensitivity  that there can’t have been a person in the audience left unmoved. The fact that you had literally been thrown in at the deep end –  taking on the role of Mary Warren one hour before the production due to a sick cast member as well as coping with your role as Goody  Putnam – only goes to show how talented and adaptable you really are ~ Kara Hicks, audience member

 I am delighted and honoured to have been involved in the producing of The Crucible. The Findhorn cast, and in particular yourself,  have been truly inspirational. You have demonstrated in one single night the reason why we do this; thank you. I keep saying to people  that you only get one chance to be first and you will be remembered as the first and only cast member to have performed the heroics  that were needed on the night. I hope your career flourishes as a result ~ Simon Sharkey, Associate Director, LEARN, National Theatre  of Scotland

 I want to say that I thought both your performances in The Crucible were amazing – from the tight anguish of Goody Putnam to the  terrified vulnerability of Mary Warren, which, in the court scene brought tears to my eyes: superb! ~ Claire Hayes, audience member

 There is never a dull moment with Glynis. She is full of energy and fun and has absolute passion for what she does – whether it be  acting or directing ~ Lissa Dougal, actor

 I wanted to congratulate you for your fearless efforts in stepping into Sally Reid’s role as Mary Warren at the Universal Hall. I have  heard only great things of your performance and the general reaction seems to be that you totally pulled it off! It is such an exposed  role, so I don’t envy you at all. I just wanted to say well done on behalf of all the TAG staff. It’s a fantastic thing you did – not only from  your point of view – for experience; but also from our point of view – by saving that particular show. Well done and thanks again  ~ Helen Black, Project Manager TAG Theatre Company


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